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One of the best parts of being a volunteer is that you can pick your own job - or even design a job that you want to do. Have at it! Tell us want you want to do.

Here are some things that have been decided:

Already sponsoring The Actual Dance are Clare and Don's Beach Shack, Mike's Deli at Lazy Sundae, Italian Cafe and Argia's. They will have special offers for anyone presenting a used ticket to The Actual Dance.

Boy Scouts from Troop 349 will take tickets and usher at the event, assisted by veterans from American Legion Post 130.

Identified as still needing doing:

-Contact other groups within the City

- Decide whether to seek support from groups beyond the City (we have possible interest from McLean and Arlington groups)

- Help us implement our promotion plan

- Liaison with the City staff and government, etc.

What have we forgotten? Please tell us!

Sam Simon's thoughts:

The Actual Dance is grounded in ideas of love and loss.  It is an expression of my own experiences over a lifetime and coming to terms with both. My first memory of death in our family was when I was 5 years old and my Grandfather died. Not long after that my Grandmother, who was living with us, was taken by ambulance from our home to the hospital, never to return. The rituals that surround the end of life have been to me as familiar as birthday celebrations.

My understanding of love became clearest when I faced the possible loss of the person I had come to love the most in the world. In all of those earlier losses and then the possible loss of my life partner, I have been able to get comfortable with and develop a more complete embrace of a concept of the divine.

The Actual Dance explores all of this in a dramatic format of a solo show. We explore not only the spiritual and emotional aspects of loss and love; we also touch on the clinical aspects of breast cancer and the breast cancer journey - At least as we experienced that journey in the year 2000.

In the offering of this show I have learned that there are many people who have and are experiencing similar emotions and journeys. The Actual Dance Blog is a place for sharing and exploration. You can always react, ask questions or be in touch with me privately by email. 

Feel free as well to leave a comment. Perhaps you can tell us what song they will play for you and yours?  Maybe you have an answer to the question raised in the Show: "How do you select a Cancer doctor?"   Or maybe you have had a similar vision or experience in your life that you, too, have been afraid to share or even "say out loud."  Here is a place to do it.